About me

            Some positive traits of mine that can be brought into a work environment are that I'm confident, determined, attentive, intelligent, experienced, consistent, easy to approach, persuasive, intuitive, strong-willed, and respectful. I bring the best of my personality out when I'm looking to give a good impression on others, whether it be for myself or for my employer.

           Activities I participate in when I'm not working are skateboarding, which has been a passion of mine for over a decade now, web and graphic design, which is much of my work, but something I enjoy to play with outside of it as well, filming and editing, which is another thing I do for work, but also enjoy doing for recreation, working out, making art, reading, playing billiards, and traveling to new places.

Bruce Lee, Artist of Life
John Little
Resident Evil 6
Music for Misfits

A .pdf of my portfolio is available for download and print here.
*This is a high resolution file and may take a moment to download.